Nikon D600 back in the fight… but flying blind.

No replacement, but back in my hands once again with a next generation CM5 shutter unit under the bonnet and a clean slate on the sensor. Nikon, now it seems, have an effective fix for the dust and oil blues afflicting the early release D600’s.

However, after booting up I discovered that the info data is barely visible in the viewfinder and despite adjusting the diopter through it’s full range I’m able to do little more than bring up a pale blurry green line of what should be EV, ISO, Shutter and Aperture info. It was fine before I took it in. Currently the only way I can access camera info etc is through live view. Oh well at least I know my way to the service department at Rhodes like the back of my hand and by the time I got there the data reading ( EV, ISO, Shutter, Aperture etc) in the viewfinder was completely dead.