Nikon D600 back in the fight… but flying blind.

No replacement, but back in my hands once again with a next generation CM5 shutter unit under the bonnet and a clean slate on the sensor. Nikon, now it seems, have an effective fix for the dust and oil blues afflicting the early release D600’s.

However, after booting up I discovered that the info data is barely visible in the viewfinder and despite adjusting the diopter through it’s full range I’m able to do little more than bring up a pale blurry green line of what should be EV, ISO, Shutter and Aperture info. It was fine before I took it in. Currently the only way I can access camera info etc is through live view. Oh well at least I know my way to the service department at Rhodes like the back of my hand and by the time I got there the data reading ( EV, ISO, Shutter, Aperture etc) in the viewfinder was completely dead.

2 thoughts

  1. Wow, you really got the whole nine yards with your D600! What happened this time? Did they fix it or swap it?

    I got mine back after about 3 weeks (Would have been quicker if I had dropped it at the service centre myself). They appear to have replaced the sensor clear filter and a number or parts. So far I haven’t noticed any dust but haven’t shot enough yet (less than 1000 since I got it back). I’m confident Nikon will make it good to me in the long run but it’s still an inconvenience. Makes me wish I had bought a refurbished D800 instead just for that. Otherwise, it’s still a phenomenal camera!

    • Hi Dave.
      Well I’ve certainly been ‘there and back again’ with this one. The last trip to Nikon was because the info view in the viewfinder went down. No data showing (ISO, aperture, EV, shutter speed etc). Apparently what happened was this: during the last shutter replacement a small contact had become dislodged and consequently the camera readings were not showing up in the viewfinder. Whilst they were there in ‘live view’ I still prefer to be free use the viewfinder. Just an old habit I guess. They also cleaned the sensor.
      So far things have been good, I have not been able to get as many shots away as you have. Probably less than 200. But as soon as this manic stretch at work clears up I’ll have more time to give to getting serious about putting some good work on the table.
      Great to hear that things worked out for you and that you’re on a smooth road with the D600.

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