Photoshop Touch for IOS

Photoshop Touch for IOS is everything and more than could be hoped for in this first release for iPad users. Although the wait was inordinately long, one would have to argue that it was worth it. After a few days of use I’ve found nothing wanting other than the 1800 px output. However, given that this is meant to bridge the working process between a raw image and Photoshop I don’t really see it as problematic. The GUI is well designed, intuitive / easy to navigate and use. For photo editing, (which is what it appears to be designed for)  it comes with more than enough to keep most users on the happy side.

Opening the app brings you straight to te business of creating a new project.

The blank project screen appears. Selecting “+ image ” icon from the top left brings up the import options

in this case the ones available when’ local photos’ is selected in the left pane (below)

Other options include importing images from either the ‘Creative Cloud’, library, camera, Google or Facebook. Easy enough..

 Simply select the image and click ‘add’

As soon as a selected image opens you immediately have options to crop, rotate, flip or call up other functions.

I’ve added two image to the layers panel to see what can be done.

Across the top are drop-downs that allow you to access all the core tools and effects.

Accessing the ‘layer modes’ gives you much of the functionality that you’ll find in Photoshop in terms of available ‘blends’ and opacity options.

Specific layer functions such as ‘merge down’, ‘merge visible’, ‘flatten image’ and ‘match colour’ are also in the same dialogue.

More to come……….

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