Harmony Procedural Drawing

This web based drawing tool is built using HTML5 and  works on most browsers that are optimised for it, e.g., Safari, (including iPhone + iPad)  Google Chrome,(+ iChromy)  Firefox and Opera (but not Opera Mini for iPhone or iPad).

The size of the canvas is determined by the size of your browser screen.

I find it advantageous to draw a line below the tool bar at the top of the page as a guide for the upper limit of the exported or saved image. Otherwise you end up with a blank space above your image which needs to be cropped out.

You can draw using a mouse or graphics tablet on pc”s or with your finger or stylus on iPad. The only difference is in the feel of the drawing action.

Ink flow is controlled via velocity and proximity. Draw slowly to increase line thickness, draw quickly to thin the line out. Tendrils connect lines that are drawn close together.

For best results use the highest resolution version.

Images save in tiff format.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

access this tool here

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