The history of the Hipstamatic Camera is a fascinating story. Developed by Bruce and Winston Dorbowski in 1982 the story is best read here

Undoubtedly the most popular camera app in the iTunes store, the Hipstamatic has forever changed the way I think about, and approach the photographic medium. The versitility of the app only realy comes to light after extensive experimentation, and you have to be prepared to put some time into that if you want results that stand out from the crowd.

For me post processing is usually part of the workflow and can include Photoshop, Phototools, Nik software, along with a host of other iphone apps such as Dynamic Light, Blur FX, Lo-Mob, Cool FX, Camera Bag etc. Resizing the prints using a fractal algorithm, such as Genuine Fractals, is all but essential for exhibiting printed works above 30 x 30cm.

If you have an iPhone and have any interest in photography this app is a must have.

More information and a link to the app on iTunes can be found at the Hipstamatic site here

Below is one of my earliest Hipstamatic shots. This one taken at Casey’s Beach at Batehaven.

Things have come a long way since then.

More recent examples


McKenzies Beach Dreaming

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