Why, only just the other day….

iPad Pro

There’s a back catalog of hundreds of drawings, paintings and prints that belong to the body of work produced; along with photographic media, over the years that encompass my creative practice. For whatever reason now seems to be as good a time as any to start to include them here.

Photoshop Touch for IOS

image courtesy of Petapixel

It was a long wait but worth it. Whilst Android users have had access to this for some time, Photoshop Touch has remained painfully out of reach for IOS users, the logic of which defied me completely, given the sheer volume  of the market share for iPads as opposed to Android tablets. However it’s here and comes with an impressive arsenal. The only weak area for me is the 1600px output, but who am I to complain. The rest is more than you could want from a first release. I’ve spent some time this morning putting it through it’s paces and it was certainly better than I had expected, no glitches and some very pleasant surprises.  Good job Adobe.

You can get the blurb material here, here and here

And my run through here

Red Giant strikes back

Red Giant have come out with all guns blazing with the release of Plastic Bullet Version 2, a new update for V 1.0 / 1.2 for iPhone. Version 2 also introduces support for iPad. So far the results on both platforms are pretty spectacular. There’s an extensive list of feature updates at the site but what impressed me most of all on both iPhone and iPad was the ability to maintain aspect ratios. Previously if you used an image with a square aspect, panoramic, 16:9 horizontal or vertical, Plastic Bullet defaulted to a standard aspect (4:3) rectangular crop. Now if you import a square format shot, e.g., Hipstamatic, Lomora, Retro Camera or a panoramic image, Plastic Bullet maintains the original image aspect.

As previously mentioned, Version 2 is also available for iPad. The added screen real estate of the iPad makes editing on the go a pleasure. Options for 4 or 9 render previews follows the same layout as the OSX version.

The real surprise came when I downloaded the Mac version from the App Store. Within a few minutes I had discovered that I could drag images directly from iPhoto, Aperture and Lightroom. Plastic Bullet also supports RAW format files. I was able to open and process NEF and CRW files without any problems. I have not found the maximum resolution for exporting yet, but file sizes of 5000 x 5000 (working from Hipstamatic) seem to be achieved easily

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Maximum import size supported is 36megapixels.

Read the full promo for OSX here

iPad drawing apps | Sketch Club

I’ve been experimenting with a number of drawing apps for the ipad. Among them have been Live Shetch HD, Harmony Procedural drawing tool (online), SketchBook Pro, Brushes and Sketch Club. Despite the odd sounding name, Sketch Club has been getting good feedback. You can read more about it and see examples of what it can do on the page under iPad apps.

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