Abbottsville 243 + Cinamatic

My first run with Hipstamatic’s new iPhone app for video ‘Cinamatic’

It’s addictive. My only wish is that it had options to remove the built-in fades at the beginning and end of each clip. If you are using it the way it is intended this is no issue but if you are compositing clips in an external editor you end up having to cut a significant number of frames from each clip to clean it up, however, its good and easy to use. Well done Hipstamatic.

Abbottsville 243 from Gary Poulton on Vimeo.

“After an afternoon of testing out the new Cinematic app for iPhone from Hipstamatic in the continuing heat of our 7th month of summer weather I had a stack of random footage and something needed to happen with it. Abbottsville 243 was the child of this junction of time and space. A serious cinematic experience? not really, but it was fun and putting it together took my mind off the prospect of an eternal summer.”

Ressurection shuffle

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.47.49 pm

It’s been a long wait. One year and 10 days and numerous shutter replacements since I first brought the issue of dust and oil on the sensor of my Nikon D600 to the attention of the retailer who sold it to me. The resolution is not ideal (call me fussy) however Nikon came to the party and 17 days after dropping the camera off via Harvey Norman, shipped a new D610 body along with the old 24-85 lens from the old D600 to the Penrith store which I collected today.


It had kind of a surreal air to it seeing that old lens in the plastic bag with the new D610 body. I also felt significantly out of pocket as the D610 is nearly eight hundred dollars cheaper than the D600 was when I purchased it and the extra cash laid out on the extended warranty felt like an arms deal gone wrong. However I didn’t have the mind to argue the case with an innocent and helpful technician at HN. I walked out without even having to sign for anything to say I had collected the camera. That weird ‘Twin Peaks’ sense of finality and futility washed over me briefly, like walking out on a bad relationship that you held out some hope for.

Call me old fashioned but I found a twisted sense of irony as I stared up at the sign over the counter that read …

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 8.33.31 pm

Had I missed something?