Abbottsville 243 + Cinamatic

My first run with Hipstamatic’s new iPhone app for video ‘Cinamatic’

It’s addictive. My only wish is that it had options to remove the built-in fades at the beginning and end of each clip. If you are using it the way it is intended this is no issue but if you are compositing clips in an external editor you end up having to cut a significant number of frames from each clip to clean it up, however, its good and easy to use. Well done Hipstamatic.

Abbottsville 243 from Gary Poulton on Vimeo.

“After an afternoon of testing out the new Cinematic app for iPhone from Hipstamatic in the continuing heat of our 7th month of summer weather I had a stack of random footage and something needed to happen with it. Abbottsville 243 was the child of this junction of time and space. A serious cinematic experience? not really, but it was fun and putting it together took my mind off the prospect of an eternal summer.”

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