Multiple Class Action Lawsuites filed over Nikon D600

It appears that a number of Class Action lawsuit’s have been filed as a result of consumer experiences with Nikon’s D600. If you are interested to follow this you can read about it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. It’s all a bit messy really and no doubt the problem may well be compounded by the same issue showing up on the D610.

As for me, I appear to be set for protracted run around with Harvey Norman Penrith in terms of getting a satisfactory resolution i.e., refund or appropriate replacement and by that I mean a camera / camera body that does not have this ongoing issue.


Home again | Nikon D610

About a week ago ( 21st July) my D610 made it back from Nikon Sydney with a new shutter mechanism to replace the original that came with the replacement camera from Harvey Norman (more or less). I’d love to say I have the confidence that this issue will not resurface again but unfortunately this is not the case. It’s such a weird situation to be in. I’d love to be able to load files from the SD cards and not even have the thought cross my mind that the images will somehow show contamination on the sensor. After 17 months of nothing but one problem after another (to date five shutter mechanisms and two cameras) it’s going to take some serious consistency from the D610 to rewire that mindset.


Oil on sensor | Nikon D610 @ Casey’s Beach

Following on from yesterdays post. The image below is taken from a series shot at Casey’s Beach, South Coast, NSW on the 6th July.

Shot at f 9. Oil spots top left, following the same contamination pattern as Nikon’s discontinued D600.


I found another post with images showing a particularly bad contamination of the 610 sensor here

Follow the thread down and pick up the “Update” it’s a shocker.

Bad oil | Nikon D610 crashes on take-off

This is the post I thought I’d never be writing. But here we are again in snake oil territory.

On the 4th and 5th of July I took my relatively new D610 and old faithful Canon 50D forĀ a workout along the South Coast from Batehaven to Tuross Heads.

All appeared to be going well until the files were loaded from the respective cameras into Lightroom on Saturday evening (5th July). From the first batch out of the D610 starting at DSC0343.NEF through the next one hundred and twenty or so shots there they were, those telltale oil marks I was so familiar with from a previous and thoroughly unpleasant experience with my ex D600. I couldn’t believe it. The previous 300 + shots gave no hint that this was going to be an issue I would have to contend with again.

Whilst there were some unpleasant issues with Moire in the 610’s video output and I was preparing a write up for that, this took me completely by surprise. The worst part of this was it started out with just two spots in the upper left (a familiar pattern) and just over 120 shutter actuation’s later had increased to a spread of 10 spots of oil, indicating a worsening problem.

It’s possibly a fair argument to say that most of these are shot with the aperture stopped well down and so it’s more likely that oil on the sensor is going to have increased visibility, however, in the image below shot the following day, Sunday 6th July you can see visible oil at f4.5. These images have been pushed and processed a little to increase the visibility of the spots. Whilst there aren’t as many to be seen at this aperture the fact that they are visible at all is a serious concern.

The earliest reports of an oil problem with the D610 began appearing mid Jan 2014, see here and here.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this news will be received by Nikon Sydney when I take it in this week.

Do I wish I had read these before collecting my D610 replacement in May this year? Yes indeed.

I had argued with the people at Harvey Norman that I did not consider replacing the D600 with a D610 a particularly wise course of action and had at the time suggested other options; now my initial reservations have been verified. I can’t really see how Nikon can resolve this other than by abandoning production of this camera series. It’s an extreme suggestion I know, call me old fashioned but this model roll-out appears to be jinxed in the true sense of the word.

I have a couple of Canon cameras and problems like this are simply not on the spectrum at all.

Here are some detail captures

2014 IPPAWARDS | 6 Honorable Mentions for Katoomba photographer

6 x Honorable Mentions in this years IPPAWARDS (iPhone Photography Awards) in categories Lifestyle, Trees and Others. So fortunate once again to be included in the acknowledged photographers for 2014 and to have work shown in such good company. To my knowledge the only other Australian photographer to receive honorable mentions this year was Michelle Robinson

Abbottsville 243 + Cinamatic

My first run with Hipstamatic’s new iPhone app for video ‘Cinamatic’

It’s addictive. My only wish is that it had options to remove the built-in fades at the beginning and end of each clip. If you are using it the way it is intended this is no issue but if you are compositing clips in an external editor you end up having to cut a significant number of frames from each clip to clean it up, however, its good and easy to use. Well done Hipstamatic.

Abbottsville 243 from Gary Poulton on Vimeo.

“After an afternoon of testing out the new Cinematic app for iPhone from Hipstamatic in the continuing warmth of our 10th month of summer weather I had a stack of random footage and something needed to happen with it. Abbottsville 243 was the child of this junction of time and space. A serious cinematic experience? not really, but it was fun and putting it together took my mind off the prospect of an eternal summer.”


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