The Ash Burner

Sometime mid 2014 I was approached by Queensland University Press with a request to use a photograph of mine for the cover of an upcoming publication ‘The Ash Burner’ by Kari Gislason. This was a new gig for me and working through the release process was a healthy learning curve and possibly an exasperating on for the publishers. The reality of having a well respected designer in the person of Sandy Cull and QUP having the confidence in the work to carry the book to its conclusion and, in a nice way, validated years of photographing the everyday. .

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Giant rotating funnel cloud @ Casey’s Beach

Sometime earlier I posted stills of this event. However I recently uncovered some video footage of this massive spinning cloud mass. It’s been sped up somewhat to make the rotation nice and clear. About 90 seconds of footage dropped to around 10.

Funnel Cloud @ Casey’s Beach from Gary Poulton on Vimeo.

Project Luca | Mona & The Midlands

Some time ago I received an email with an offer to opt in for participating in the beta of Project Luca. Luca is a content publishing / presentation app in development that offers an incredibly streamlined mobile interface (currently for iPad only) running on what seems to be a HTML5 back-end. Sometime in January the lights went on and I remembered I had not installed Luca on my iPad. So I did… and haven’t looked back. Luca is clean, lean, intuitive and drop dead easy to use.

What I particularly liked was that anytime I updated the project, the updated file was live to any link I had placed on the web without the need to refresh the browser. Nice….
Since its only for use on iPad I discovered I needed to do a little preparation in terms of getting images across to the photo albums on my device. However once that was sorted it only took one run at it to iron out the bugs in my learning curve and my second shot at it produced Mona & The Midlands

It’s quite a large file so it may take a few seconds or so to open.

This is optimized for mobile devices however it handles well on a big screen especially if you have a Magic Trackpad running on your Mac.

Project Luca

There’s clearly a spot in the Luca landscape for anyone with a story to tell or an idea to sell or just the time of day to pass around.

Luca requires an Adobe login to run so I assume Project Luca is out of Adobe.

Check it out