Wade in the water

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I grew up in outback NSW in a vast and flat landscape of scrubland and red soil plains. It was the landscape of painters like Williams, Nolan, Olsen, Boyd and Drysdale to name a few. A time when rivers were not yet a commodity and when the pulse of the land could be felt in your feet.

Why, only just the other day….

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There’s a back catalog of hundreds of drawings, paintings and prints that belong to the body of work produced; along with photographic media, over the years that encompass my creative practice. For whatever reason now seems to be as good a time as any to start to include them here.

Gosper’s Mountain fire

It’s the end of August and already there have been 5 out of control fires in our watch area. It’s a stark reminder that this is how the previous devastating fire season started here in NSW.

The Gospers Mountain fire destroyed more than 444,000 hectares from the western border of the Blue Mountains to the Central Coast hinterland, north to the Hunter Valley and south to the Hawkesbury and past the Bells Line of Road. This fire burned through ancient Gondwanaland forest that had not seen fire activity for thousands of years. It took over 3 months to contain the blaze.

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Big Chill

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It’s been a big break since 2018. On December 1st I suffered a heart attack and then a coronary arrest. I was dead for 15 minutes. My wife performed CPR for 13 min until the Paramedics arrived. They were initially unable to revive me but after two hits with the defibrillator they brought me back. It’s a long story; quadruple bypass due to damage caused by undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes, in and out of hospital for months until heart stabilized via cardioversion. Then the long road to recovery that no one tells you about. But back on the road once again 🙂