Photoshop Touch Comparison

So how good is Photoshop Touch? I put it through its paces doing the hard yards of converting an image to black and white against Nik SilverEffex Pro 2. In Photoshop Touch I converted the image to B&W, duplicated the layer, blended the layers using Overlay mode @ 62%, flattened the layers and finalized the image with a shadow / highlights adjustment. Some ‘add structure’ capability as opposed to ‘sharpening’ would certainly lift the game for Photoshop Touch. But, keep in mind that PS Touch is designed to be a pre-processing app that allows you to make some early editing decisions on the go, and then finalize them later;  as Adobe says “Work with images on your tablet, and then take them further on your PC or Mac in Photoshop” @

I have to admit that in hindsight I probably could have done a levels / curves adjustment in PS Touch to pull up the mid tone contrast, (would love to see Adobe include an eyedropper/info tool with these) but there you go, can’t catch all the fish at once.

Well, pretty good results for a tablet app.

Check it out.

Here’s a slide-show with the original unprocessed image directly off the phone (using 6×7 app) followed by the B&W conversions.

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