Lightroom 6 Mobile Badlands

Adobe Lightroom has been a mainstay of my post processing workflow for many years. Along with Aperture and more recently DXO Optics Pro, OnOne Perfect Photo Suite, Tonality Pro and Nik Software, Lightroom has been up until now a steady and reliable workhorse and it still is as long as you are retrieving images from SD / CF cards. However with the 2015 release came some issues that were less than user-friendly for mobile users. I’m not sure what others are experiencing in this area but the current bugbear for me with the 2015.3 release is the inability for Lightroom to import images from Apples iPhone6.

Below is a screen shot from a short bout of solution hunting, you can see it’s not an isolated issue.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.42.23 PM

So what’s the fuss? Can’t I just import them into Photos for OSX and then import them into Lightroom from there or run them upstream via Flickr and then download them into a folder and then import into Lightroom. Well yes I can. But why should I as a Lightroom user have to resort to such convoluted workarounds.

Fortunately I’m still running Aperture so I can import them into there and export as required.

However at the moment any attempt to get images off the phone into Lightroom results in the following ;

It’s just a dead end. I’ve even tried syncing from Lightroom Mobile to Lightroom and while this works the synced file is not full resolution so it’s useless for me.

Surprisingly it’s not the post processing workflow for mobile images that’s the issue because for the most part most people can process imagesĀ  satisfactorily on the phone as is. The Achilles heel here is the file naming and file size conventions that are commonly applied when uploading images to various competitions. On the phone you can’t alter the file name or fine tune the output resolution and to upload to any of the major iPhone comps you need to be able to do both and to do that you have to be able to get the images off your device. You might well say at this point “but you can and you’ve already said how”, I hear you, but I don’t like the way Photos for Mac organizes things, nor the demosaicing algorithm it applies to imported images, plus it’s clumsy and Aperture could disappear with any future update to El Capitan.

So Adobe need to get this issue straightened out soon……there have been too many stuff ups. Lightroom is good but it’s not GOD.

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