Processed with VSCOcam with j4 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with j4 preset

Early morning at Quakers Hill shops.

This is one of those rare instances where I’ve actually gone somewhere intentionally and with something specific in mind.

The act of taking a photograph is something that for me is determined by circumstance more than anything else. It’s seldom intentional, more often than not simply the act of selecting random moments from the stream of the scrutiny of my gaze. I look at everything; and every now and then things present me with either the ‘take me now’ scenario or throw out the challenge ‘I’m ordinary, make me more than’

So this ‘date’ with light was different. I could grow to like it.

Cactus Child

My partner spotted these in Wheeler’s Lane during a recent trip to Dubbo in Central NSW. Initially thought to be a night flowering cactus, a little research proved them to be a standard (but beautiful, non the less) flowering cacti that flower in the cool of night and close as the heat builds under the big sky during the day. For me they’re a very ‘sharmanic’ plant with loose associations to my teenage years and the writing of Carlos Castanenda.



Hipstamatic 303 @ Laneway Sandwich and Espresso, Leura.

Views from windows; typically unforgiving in that what you have is for the most part what you shoot. Finding the sweet spot in what’s in front of you calls for continued culling of non essentials. The ‘day to day’ fascinates me, finding the edge in the ordinary moment. However…….

……….Great coffee, food and service 🙂

Mastering the Hipstamatic 300

Hipstamatic’s new 300 update to it’s classic photographic app has ruffled a lot of feathers. I guess that initially I was also among those who thought ‘what on earth were they thinking’. In the Classic interface it was sluggish to render and certainly warmed up the phone significantly. Then no sooner had I thought ‘well just put it aside for the time being a fix will be out soon’ and the 301 update was out.

In Classic mode things were only marginally better so logically I switched out of the Classic interface into the new Pro interface and discovered a whole new camera. And what a camera it is. This is a significant re-invention of Hipstamatic and one, that as soon as I found my way around the interface, opened up a whole new Hipstamatic experience and I’ve not been back to the Classic Hipsta since.

I had thought to push out some tutorial stuff on the new Pro interface but it’s been more than adequately covered at Hipstography

Here are some recent shots from the 301.