What’s to say, I’m many things; artist, (drawing, print, artist books, painting, CGI) photographer, musician, singer/songwriter and composer who happens to also teach art, design and photography at a senior high school in Western Sydney.

I run and maintain numerous blog sites for teachers and students along with my own online galleries and portfolios.

With works stretched across numerous photographic galleries and art portfolio sites I thought it was time to consolidate photographic works, particularly, into one place where I can put up examples of some of works that I would not normally upload to my galleries or portfolios. Video works that are scattered across the web will also be shown here.

My commitment is specifically, though not entirely confined to, photography that is driven by highly portable devices like mobile phones, in my case, an iPhone4. I tell my students often that you don’t always need high end cameras to take good photographs, and that the true art of photography is with the photographer not the camera per se.

Having said that, I often use various iPhone apps to manipulate and edit images taken using either my iPhone or Nikon and Canon DSLR’s.  The resulting images are then exported to Photoshop for final full frame composite editing or edited directly in my iPhone

Artist CV


Internet References

@17th Sept 2012. A number of broken links have been found in the listings below. Some article references have either been archived or moved. I’ll track these and repair as soon as possible.

Freestyle Books

AGNSW| Traversare ( Petr Herel, Jennifer Hawkins, Allan Mitelman, Gary Poulton, Xiang Yi, Katherine NIx, Daniel Leuwers, Mae Anna Pang, Kevin Hart)


Inside ArtExpress 2009

IPPAwards 2013





Prodedural drawing on Tumblr

How technology nurtures creativity

ANU Library

Analogue Dreaming

NSW Parliamentary Plein Air Photography Prize


Menzies Library Rare Books


Fine Art America

Re-Traced Paradox

No Hiding Place

Modern Australian Poetry: Rare Books Exhibition

More Art@

Smile You’re Famous@Click

272 Records

Artist Books and Limited Editions


Menzies Library ANU

Queensland State Library | Australian Library of Art | Collaborations

Australian National Library | iPhonography Vol2    Analogue Dreaming

Art Gallery of NSW (see Traversare)

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  1. [...] Gary Poulton has some inspiring iPhoneography images at his Flickr page. Flickr, even in an era of Instagram, is still a favourite place to store, share and display my photos too. I think it is interesting someone like Gary, who has exemplary skills with high-end tools like Adobe Photoshop, is enamoured with his iPhone and apps. [...]


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